How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?
As soon as you know the date, time and place, you should reserve the units you are wanting.  We recommend reserving inflatables in advance in order to guarantee availability.  However, we do take last minute reservations if available.  
How much weight can the inflatables hold?
Each inflatable can hold a different amount of weight.  We do recommend grouping by age and size for the safety of evryone.
What do I need to do to prepare?
When we get there to set up, the first thing you will be asked will be where you want it set up.  We need the flattest area possible, but a little slope is okay.  We also need access to an outlet within 100ft from set-up area.  A basic home electrical outlet will be enough MOST of the time.  We will let you know at the time of reservation if we will need anything more.  Please read the rules carefully to protect yourself and everyone involved.  You are responsible for the units, and everyone on them once we set up.
What types of events do we rent inflatables to?
Church functions, corporate events, Halloween parties, backyard birthday parties, city festivals, etc. Basically, we will provide the food and fun for virtually any type of event in Central Iowa.
What do I need to do to rent a unit?
We need time, place, date, and contact information.  We require a credit card on file to reserve the inflatable.  Your credit card will NOT be charged until the day of the event unless we have some other form of payment. You will need to provide a power source for our blower. Normally a regular outlet is fine and the outlet needs to be about 50 ft from the inflatable. If it's longer, you will need to provide us with an extension cord or let us know so we can bring one. You will need to notify us if there's a sprinkler system in place. 
What happens if the weather is bad the day of the event?
Hop-A-Lot Rentals does reserve the right to cancel due to weather conditions.  If we do cancel without delivering, you will not be charged.  If the weather gets too dangerous during a rental, and we are forced to pick up early, no refund will be given.
Do you require a deposit to reserve inflatables or catering services?

We require a $50 deposit for any rental under $300. This deposit can be applied to any future rental.  

We require a 10% non-refundable deposit for inflatable rentals and games that total more than $500.

Are you closed in the winter?

No, we are open all year around.

Can you set up inside?

Yes, we can set up in Gymnasiums, reception centers, hotels and places that clear 15ft ceilings.